The Flight Voucher gives you the right to book a return flight with one of the participating airlines, for one or two passengers and within Europe and to Morocco. The offer includes

over 100 destinations

You can add up to 2 extra travel companions in your booking at reduced costs. You also have the option of booking various additional services during your booking process, such as hotel stays, for instance.
Handluggage up to 10kg is included. Airport taxes and reservations costs of 45,00 euro (M/L 39,00 GBP) per person and per flight are to be paid during the reservation of your flight.
To view flights and participating airlines, we invite you to take a look in our PDF file below.
Your voucher is only valid for flights that are published on our online reservations page. Travel Discount Voucher can't guarantee in advance that a certain flight will be available.

"Flights at a very interesting price, to over 100 destinations!"

When do I reserve?

During the booking periods mentioned below, you have acces to the Incentivo Regalo reservations website. You can choose flights between the flight dates that correspond to your booking period, upon availability.

1-10 December

For flights between 16 January and 28 February

1-10 November

For flights between 16 November and 30 November, and for flights between 16 January and 28 February

1-10 October

For flights between 16 October and 30 November

1-10 September

For flights between 16 September and 30 November

1-10 June

For flights between 16 June and 30 June, and for flights between 16 September and 30 September

1-10 May

For flights between 16 May and 30 June

1-10 March

For flights between 16 March and 31 May

1-10 February

For flights between 16 February and 31 March

2-10 January

For flights between 16 January and 31 March

How to reserve

After purchase, you will receive the voucher by mail. Your voucher contains a unique access code, and includes instructions and a link to the online booking system. These allow you to make your booking in just three easy steps.
You can only travel to the available destinations and on dates as specified on our website:  http://vuelo2.grupoincentivoregalo.com/
This means that we cannot guarantee that your desired destinations or dates will be available. Our offer varies per booking period; no claim can be made for destinations or desired dates offered on other websites.